Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Malbank Sixth Form

I'm just back from Malbank Sixth Form College, where we had a good wide-ranging political debate. One of the big questions was how we get young people involved in politics. The 30 students in the room are all keen and interested in politics, but they were concerned that a lot of their mates aren't.

I don't think you can force people to get involved, but we have to make sure they know that by engaging in politics they will be listened to and can make a real difference. I'm not in the Labour Party because I 100% agree with everything the Labour Party does. But I know that fundamentally the Labour Party reflects my believes in a fair society for all people and equality of opportunity to get on life.

So I urge people, young and old, to consider which political party best suits their fundamental beliefs and that they get involved to make sure that party listens to their issues and concerns.

It is only when we come together with a common purpose that we make a real difference.


DanJRobinson said...

I was at the Talk today and really enjoyed it, so thank you for coming to talk to us! From what I hear from the others as well as my self, it was really insightful and interesting!

David Williams said...

Thanks Dan. It was a good session, we got through a lot of issues. I'm getting myself around at the moment and we're getting quite a few students helping Labour to win the next election. It's great to see young people take an interest in poltics and get involved to make a real difference.