Friday, 11 December 2009


David Williams, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich, has congratulated Hon Alderman Peter Kent on receiving the prestigious Award of Merit from the Labour Party.

Hon Alderman Peter Kent was presented with the Labour Party’s prestigious ‘Award of Merit’ by David Williams and Stephen Twigg last week. The award recognises a lifetime’s dedication to the Labour Party.

David Williams said, “Peter joined the Labour Party at the age of 15 and has dedicated his life to working for our principles and policies. He has played a very important part in improving the lives of many people over the years and I am pleased that I and the Labour Party in general can show our appreciation of his work through this award.”

Stephen Twigg added, “This Award of Merit’ is usually given to Labour Party members who are nearing the twilight of their activities for the Party. Peter assures me that he has no intention of ‘winding-down’ just yet. His record of service to the Party and to the public in general speaks for itself and this award is a small recognition of that dedication.”

Peter Kent responded, “I have been proud to put my Socialist principles into practice and to help improve the quality of life through those principles. This award means a great deal to me and I am pleased and honoured to accept it. Stephen is quite correct in thinking that I have no intention whatsoever of ‘winding-down’, in fact it is quite the opposite. We have a mission in Crewe and Nantwich which is to get David Williams elected as the next MP. I knew Gwyneth Dunwoody for a long time, not only as an MP but also as a personal friend. I know of no better successor to her than David Williams.”

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