Saturday, 18 April 2009

David Williams welcomes Lord Adonis to Crewe

“We all know that Crewe and Nantwich had a railway past, but I am determined to ensure that we have a railway future”, said David Williams Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich.

David Williams joined Rail Minister Andrew Adonis on his five day rail tour around the UK. The Minister was conducting a fact finding tour to experience rail travel from the perspective of an ordinary fare paying passenger.

David continued, “There is no doubt that the Minister is seeing rail travel in the same way as the rest of us, we had to stand in between carriages during our journey from Chester to Crewe, like so many do daily.

“But I took advantage of the Minister’s visit to press the case for the redevelopment of Crewe station on the existing site. Lord Adonis saw at first-hand the state of the existing station and the first impression all visitors have when they visit the town by train.

“We were delighted when the proposal to move the station to Basford was put on ice, following the meeting I arranged with the Secretary of State. But, as I explained to the Minister, simply halting the move is not enough. We need a redeveloped station on the existing site. It is crucial for the economic development of the town.

“I was very disappointed to hear that our MP has not sought to meet the Minister and press the case for a redeveloped station. Mr Timpson sat on the fence about the relocation to Basford, he got that badly wrong. Don’t get this wrong and join Labour’s campaign for a station to be proud of.”

Accompanying David at the meeting with Lord Adonis was Cheshire East Councillor Chris Thorley and Roy Cartlidge.

Cllr Chris Thorley said, “The redevelopment of Crewe station is crucial to the economic development of Cheshire East. There are up to 9,000 jobs that could be created in South Crewe and we need a station fit for purpose. We need this to help us come out of a global recession strong and ready to take advantage of the upturn, when it comes.”

Cllr Roy Cartlidge said, “I felt we received a good hearing from the Minister, but we are now looking for delivery. Crewe is very important to the rail network. The fact that we lie on such a major junction makes the Town key to rail growth."

Andrew Adonis said, “David Williams is doing a great job of standing up for Crewe and Nantwich. He makes a very strong arguement for the constituency, along with Labour’s councillors. I have listened to their representations and I will look further into the case they have made.”

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