Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fighting climate change in Crewe & Nantwich

Climate change is something we all need to be concerned with. I often speak to people on the doorstep about this issue, worried about what kind of planet we are going to leave for the next generation.

And you are right to be concerned. Scientists recently gave their clearest warning yet of what could happen. They warned of:
Drought: In some parts of Britain summer rainwater could drop by a quarter.
Floods: Winter rains and snow could increase by almost a third. Flooding from heavier rainstorms would take its toll on businesses and homes.
Heatwaves: In 2003, an increase in average temperature of just two degrees led to 35,000 extra deaths across Europe.

If we do act we could have a more stable climate and new jobs in Britain.

Acting on climate change means jobs in construction as we embark on a Great British refurb of our homes, to cut down on wasted energy. It means jobs in manufacturing as we lead new low-carbon industries, like electric cars. It means a new future for places like the North Sea, which could start to store the CO2 from our power stations and heavy industry.

So here is the challenge for Britain. We need to show the way to a low-carbon future, but we also need to get all countries signed up to acting as well. We can help tip the balance by our own actions and by persuading other countries to join a global deal at the UN meeting in Copenhagen, this December.

At the end of June the Labour Government published “The Road to Copenhagen”, Britain’s pitch for what the deal should include. That will contain the details, but we’ve already made clear that at the UN meeting in Copenhagen this December, we will be on the side arguing for ambitious action.

We’ll be arguing for a deal that every country signs up to – there can be no carbon buck-passing.

And we’ll be arguing that the world’s release of heat-trapping gasses needs to stop growing in the next decade and start shrinking – with support for the poorest countries to make sure they can do their bit.

This is the first time we’ve ever published our position in advance of global climate talks, but I believe it’s right. This meeting is make-or-break for all of us, and every British citizen should be able to know what their government is arguing for. Instead of it being treated like a government secret, it will be sent to schools, libraries, citizens advice centres and other places across Crewe and Nantwich.

We can get the deal. If people across the world call on governments to act, if we carry on saving carbon at home, we can stop dangerous climate change. We can make a difference, and know that we’ll be able to look our kids in the eye because we stood up for their future.

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Eion said...

I watched the 10:10 climate change debate in The Commons on October 21 and was disappointed by the low attendance on both sides of the house and by the outcome of the vote determined by Labour MPs, with the exception of 12 rebels, voting against the motion. I wish to ask you if you would have been among the rebel voters, or would you have followed the Labour party whip?

I believe climate change to be the single most important issue which will influence all our futures over the next decades and that the Labour government missed a great opportunity to show it's commitment to reducing CO2 emisisons and providing social justice for the world's poor ahead of the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen by voting against the 10:10 climate change motion for party political reasons.

If you have not already done so I urge you to sign up to 10:10 at and cut your CO2 emissions by 10 % in 2010. I am doing so and have urged Edward Timpson, who voted for the motion, to do likewise.

You would show a lead to Crewe and Nantwich constituents and Cheshire East council by signing up for 10:10 and prove you are committed to "Fighting climate change in Crewe & Nantwich".

Eion Begley
Earle Street

David Williams said...

Hi Eion

Thanks for contacting me. I share your view of the importance of the environment.

I believe that we must campaign for global solutions because we need all countries acting together. I am really proud that Labour in Government ensures that Britain leads the world on tackling climate change.

I also think that we have to take individual action, accepting personal responsibility to reducing our own carbon footprint.

Personally I:
- almost always travel to work by cycling or on public transport.
- changed all of the light bulbs at home to low energy.
- have turned the thermostat down and in fact we have not had the heating on yet this Autumn.
- recycle all glass, plastic, tins, paper, paper and cardboard.
- only put out the general waste bin out every two or three weeks.
- compost all garden waste.
- use reusable shopping bags.

I will, as you suggest, look at the 10:10 campaign to see what else I can do to make a real difference.