Tuesday, 18 November 2008

No progress on Crewe bus station

I had a call from a nice gentleman from Mr Timpson's Office today. He had been very busy reading through my blog entries for at least the last three months and queried my story on the painting of Crewe bus station, which I published on 26 August.

This nice gentleman explained that my article had implied that Mr Timpson had said something that he hadn't. I have therefore changed the wording to reflect that my source is an article published on Mr Timpson's website, not something he has actually said.

There is of course something else that Mr Timpson hasn't actually said. He hasn't answered the question, what is our Tory-led borough council, our Tory-led unitary authority and our Tory MP actually doing about the disgraceful state of Crewe bus station?

This sorry situation continues to be an embarrassment to the town and it is time the Tories did something about it.

Please click here to see the amended article.

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