Tuesday, 26 August 2008

We need a bus station to be proud of

"Crewe bus station needs a lot more than a lick of paint", said Labour hopeful David Williams.

"I am stunned that there is an article published on Mr Timpson's website describing the painting of the bus station as 'progress'. Frankly the place should have been knocked down and rebuilt over 20 years ago. Despite the paint job, which the article says Mr Timpson 'pushed' for, the bus station is still an embarrassment to the Town."

Pictured is the new paintwork. David continued, "This boarded-up section was the old drivers' room when I worked for Midland Red Buses over 20 years ago. As the shop steward for the bus station I called for improvements to make it safer for passengers and staff, particularly at night. It's much worse now than it was then and I wouldn't want to be waiting for a bus after dark.

"We need real progress, we need a bus station to be proud of and we need a town centre that attracts shoppers and tourists.

"What the people of Crewe want to know is what is the Tory Borough Council, Tory Unitary Authority and Tory MP doing about it?"

Click here to see the article on Mr Timpson's website

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