Friday, 15 August 2008

First Fight Back Friday

I've just come back from the first Fight Back Friday. We were in Lord Street talking to voters about their issues of concern and about supporting Labour. And we received a really good response, people were pleased to see us.

Support for Labour was strong and many commented that they don't think Gordon Brown has had a fair crack of the whip. Repeatedly I was told that the PM is the best person to see us through the current economic difficulties.

Two people also expressed an interest in joining the Labour Party. I am convinced that we can still recruit and build our membership, even when the polls and much of the media have written us off. The fight back started here.

Many thanks to Nantwich Branch Secretary, John O'Mahoney and Crewe East member, Steve Pennell for their support tonight.

Pictured: David talking to voters on Lord Street.

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