Friday, 23 October 2009


The Tory MP for Crewe & Nantwich is accused of hypocrisy by attempting to take credit for the creation of new jobs.

David Williams, the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich, has accused Edward Timpson of being two-faced by attending the announcement of the first 20 of 200 new jobs funded by a £1.3 million cash injection from the Labour Government.

David said, “I cannot believe a Tory MP is trying to claim credit for new jobs created under Labour’s Future Jobs Fund”.

Addressing a packed meeting of Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party, David Williams continued, “It beggars belief that a Tory MP can stand there grinning next to Labour Minister Phil Woolas, knowing his party opposes the very funding that created those jobs. Behind that smile is the knowledge that if his party were in Government that funding would not be available and those jobs would not be created. He should hang his head in shame for this disgraceful opportunism and rank hypocrisy.”

The Tories opposed Labour’s fiscal stimulus aimed at bringing the country out of recession. The ‘Future Jobs Fund’ is a big part of Labour’s action on the economy. It will create 150,000 new jobs with training for young people nationwide, with an initial 200 in Cheshire East.

David Williams said, “I welcome these new jobs. They are vital to the future prosperity of Crewe & Nantwich. Thank goodness we have a Labour Government prepared to invest in jobs to help people through the recession and bring about an economic recovery.”

David concluded, “Thank goodness the Tories are not in power as they would leave people to sink or swim in these difficult times. They would condemn another generation of young people to unemployment and few opportunities.”

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