Monday, 12 October 2009

Winning the fight for Britain's future

The conference season has shown that the next election will be a big choice about the change we want for Britain. Labour offers change for the mainstream middle. The Conservatives offer change to benefit the privileged few – a change you can’t afford.

Labour will:

- Guarantee a job or training place to 18-24 year olds out of work for a year.

- Guarantee diagnosis within one week if your GP suspects you have cancer.

- Free personal care at home for those with high needs.

- No-nonsense intervention to tackle 50,000 problem families.

- Cut the deficit in half in four years.

The Conservatives will:

- Give a £200,000 tax cut to the 3,000 wealthiest estates.

- Cut £1,000 in child trust fund payments from families earning modest incomes.

- Scrap guarantees for cancer patients.

- Abandon young people to the dole.

- Cut the equivalent of 3,500 police from our streets this year.

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