Monday, 4 January 2010

David Williams welcomes the plans for a party leader debate and calls for a local debate

David Williams, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich, today welcomed the agreement for a debate between the Party Leaders and called for a local debate between candidates.

David said, “I think it is absolutely right that politicians put themselves up for public scrutiny. The Prime Minister is quizzed on a weekly basis, but the Opposition Leaders never have to answer questions about their policies. The televised debates will rightly put the spotlight on all three major party leaders, and will give voters a real choice.”

David added, “It is time however for greater local accountability, and the Tories are falling a long way short of the mark. On Cheshire East Council they’ve banned supplementary questions from Councillors, and the current MP persistently refuses my calls for a public debate. Apparently he does not think it is in his interest to debate with me. Well I’m sorry he feels that way, but it is the interest of democracy that should be paramount, not the interest of personal gain. He continues to take pot-shots at the Government, run the country down, and tell blatant lies about Labour policy, but he will not subject himself to scrutiny or cross-examination.”

David concluded by saying, “The next election is about real choices and whilst some politicians play cynical games to suppress debate, the electorate will not engage. We have a duty to collectively rebuild people’s trust in politics, and that can only be achieved through open and honest debate.”

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