Thursday, 21 May 2009

Car Scrappage - Letter to the Chronicle

We are all used to the bizarre ramblings of Cllr Robert Parker, but his letter (Chronicle 20 May) about the Government's Car Scrappage Scheme is wholly inaccurate. You do not have to buy a vehicle for more than £10,000 to participate in the scheme.

Had Cllr Parker looked at pages 58 and 59 of that edition of the Chronicle he would have seen a double page advertisement from Grenson's offering a very competitvely priced brand new car for £4,795, reduced by £2,000 because of the Government's scheme.

So I hope that Cllr Parker will tell his friends that he got it completely wrong, that because of the Government's scheme they can buy a brand new car for under £5,000 and they have Labour to thank for this.

Grenson Motor Group website

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