Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Crewe Blog debates MP's second income

Crewe Blog has published the following article titled MPs Expenses following a press release from David Williams:

Plenty in the news about MPs expenses, so it's good to see that our local representative has enjoyed a controversy-free first year in office. I've had a poke around and it's clear that Edward Timpson's office declares everything - as it should do. And in terms of accommodation in London, well, he rents a modest flat for his time in Westminster - no second home! As for his role, I reckon he can truly claim to have concentrated upon his job of representing Crewe & Nantwich.

In the red corner we have David Williams who keeps throwing challenges Mr Timpson's way. I like the way he's setting his stall out, saying that he'll live in the area, only rent a flat in London, claim minimum expenses and declare absolutely everything - but isn't that what Mr Timpson is already doing? An interesting battle looms large as the countdown to the general election starts, but has the contender got what it takes to take on Timpson and win back the seat for Labour? Thoughts...

David Williams has sent the following response to the above article:

I sincerely hope that Mr Timpson's affairs are as straight forward as your article suggests. Political party aside, we have to work to rebuild voters’ trust in the political process.

But to say that his office declares everything is not true.

We know that Mr Timpson is paid by the family firm, but we don't know how many hours a year this takes him away from parliamentary duties or how much he is paid for this work.

Parliament voted to make that information publically declarable and what I am asking of Mr Timpson is he publishes those details now, not wait for the authorities to force it out of him.

MPs should be open, honest and accountable. The people of Crewe and Nantwich deserve to know how much their MP has been paid since he was elected.

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