Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gordon Brown - the choice for Britain

In a speech today, the Prime Minister set out the choice facing Britain:

"To those who are undecided, and I know there are many, let me say:

"After a huge global crisis that we had to fight against and overcome, it is right for people to ask what happened, to reflect on what was done to turn this global crisis around and what can be done to make sure that this global crisis never happens again.

"As you reflect I ask you to consider this:

"At every time in this crisis, I have put the British people first.

"Not the banks nor the financial industry not those at the top who do not want to pay their fair share - but the British people.

"For me the British people have been and always will be my first priority.

"And I tell you adversity has been my best teacher.

"Honesty my best guide.

"And faith in the future the greatest source of my strength.

"So we are fired with new determination.

"We are full of energy and firm of purpose because the values that are the core of a Labour Britain - your Britain - are now at stake and have to be fought for, for not only is the economic recovery at risk so is social justice.

"And we are all full of energy and purpose because we are on the road to renewing our economy so that we can build our new future of fairness and prosperity for all.

"And every second of the day and every inch of the way I am fighting so hard because I want 2010 not to be the beginning of Conservative cuts but the end of global recession.

"I am fighting so hard because I want 2010 not to be the year Britain starts going backwards with the Conservatives but the year when our NHS our schools and our police move forward together.

"I am fighting so ha rd because I want 2010 not to mark unemployment going up again, repossessions on the rise, more small business failing again as they all did in the 1990s.

"I want 2010, 2011, 2012 to be years of renewal and prosperity.

"I ask you when you go in to the polling booths to ask yourself.

"Who will stand up for you?

"Who when the forces of privilege raise their voice will raise their voice for you?

"Who when the economy is on the line will be your spokesman, who will always put your standard of living first?

"And who will fight for your family because they know what it is to walk in your shoes?

"And I say with humility - I will.

"And so I ask you to stand up for the great values of the British people that will make this country what it can and should become.

"And with all my resolve I pledge that I will always fight for you - I will secure the recovery, never put your livelihood at risk, and always, always, always fight for your future.

"And with that same humility I ask for your vote - and ask you to vote not just for me - but to vote for yourself, for your family, vote for your future - and see Labour as your best home, and your best hope."

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