Wednesday, 8 October 2008

CWU Rally

I've just received a photo of me at the CWU rally at Labour Party Conference. This is me with CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes.

I marched under the banner of the Crewe Branch with members from the Weston Road Sorting Office. It was a tremendous event and they made a heck of a lot of noise. I know from friends inside the conference hall that the rally was heard.

During the Conference I took the opportunity to voice my concerns and support for keeping Crewe Sorting Office open to Postal Services Minister Pat McFadden. I'm sure it didn't make a scrap of difference, but you've got to say your piece.

It was very disappointing to read in today's Chronicle that it seems Royal Mail has already decided to close Crewe. I fully support the CWU at Weston Road and we must continue the fight. I will be at the rally on 25 October to give my support.

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