Friday, 3 October 2008

Fight Back Friday

We were out on the racecourse estate in Coppenhall tonight, having met at the Captain Webb public house.

I was delighted to have Jon Colclough out for a second week on the run and to be joined by the local Cheshire East Councillor Terry Beard. Steve Pennell was, as ever, behind the camera.

We were collecting signatures on the petition for the Town Council. I thought the support was much stronger because the recent letters in the Chronicle from Steve Pennell, Peter Nurse and Peter Kent. They have helped significantly raise the profile of the campaign.

I spoke to Peggy Martin as well and she's filled another five sheets and is still determined to personally get 1,000 signatures.

I took the opportunity to chat to voters about Labour and current issues, whilst they were signing the petition. I'm sensing definite signs of recovery for our popularity. People are gaining confidence in the Prime Minister to deal with the current economic woes imported from America.

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