Sunday, 7 December 2008

Drive Safe says David Williams

As the holiday season approaches, David Williams, Labour PPC, is urging people in Crewe and Nantwich to ensure that they leave their cars at home if they plan to drink this Christmas.

In Crewe and Nantwich people are killed and seriously injured every year because of drink driving and 60 died on North West roads in 2006.

That’s why David Williams is backing the Government’s THINK! Campaign, which is raising awareness of the devastating consequences of drink driving.

David Williams said: “Drink driving can ruin lives. Last year 460 people died as a result of this recklessness and families across Britain were shattered by the menace of drink driving. My message to drivers in Crewe and Nantwich is clear. If you get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol you risk wrecking your own and other people’s lives – don’t do it.”

“It is critical that people understand the destruction they could cause. With this in mind, the Government has launched a national TV and radio campaign to remind people of the consequences of drinking and driving.”

Hard-hitting adverts will be running throughout the festive period to help get this message home: TV advertising: 1st - 31st December 2008; Cinema advertising: w/c 12th & w/c 26th Dec 2008; Radio advertising: 1st - 31st December 2008; Ambient advertising (in-pub): 8th Dec - 13th Jan.

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