Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Letter to the Chronicle

Dear Sir

I read with some disappointment the comments of Cllr Arthur Moran (Letters, 26/11/08), who chose to misrepresent the views I expressed in my letter to the Chronicle the week before.

What I actually said was that Mr Timpson, "has failed to speak [in Parliament] on important issues from the constituency like...Nantwich’s First Responders Service". I stand by that comment. If Arthur can quote a speech made by Mr Timpson in Parliament on this issue, then I will gladly withdraw my remarks.

The point of my letter was to say that Mr Timpson’s unique and privileged position allows him to use Parliament to run campaigns and question the Government on any issue he chooses. But he also has the responsibility of representing the views and concerns of constituents.

In the case of Nantwich First Responders he has not done that. Anyone can present a petition to No. 10 and attend a protest march, but only one person can stand up for Crewe and Nantwich by speaking in Parliament and that one person is our MP. Unfortunately we don't appear to have a MP who is either willing or able to do that on the issues that matter most to local people.

If I had the honour of being the Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich, you can rest assured that I would be a full-time MP who stood up and spoke out in Parliament on behalf of local people.

Yours faithfully

David Williams
Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich

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