Wednesday, 25 November 2009

David Williams calls for an end to spin and lies

David Williams has called for an end to spin and lies in the run up to the general election.

David Williams said, "There are clear differences of policy between Labour and the Tories and people in Crewe and Nantwich will have a real choice. Voters are not best served with misleading press statements, they are clearly saying to me that they want to see an open, honest and respectful debate between the candidates. I believe that's the least they deserve."

David Williams was commenting after seeing misleading Tory accusations about the funding of Labour's new National Care Service. David Williams continued, "We are offering free personal care for those with the highest need, in their own homes. It is completely wrong to claim that funding for any aspect of Labour's care reform proposals in the Queen’s Speech comes from cutting people's benefits. All the proposals are funded through efficiencies and reprioritisations in the Department of Health and in Local Government.

Health Secretary, Andy Burnham said, "We have already ruled out using Disability Living Allowance for under-65s. Those currently receiving Attendance Allowance and those over 65 receiving DLA would continue to receive an equivalent level of support and protection in any reformed system”

David Williams concluded, "That is a clear and categorical assurance from the Minister, which I very much welcome. I hope that lays to rest the false accusations. Perhaps the Tories would do better to tell us about their care plans instead of misrepresenting Labour's."

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