Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tory spin and lies

Conservative campaigns on the NHS have been wrong every year. Once again they are propagating a dirty, pernicious, misleading campaign, designed to confuse some of the most vulnerable people.

In 2006 they claimed 20,000 jobs were being lost in hospitals - but within days Andrew Lansley was forced to concede this was not true and, when pushed, could only identify two jobs that were being cut - both administrative posts.

In 2007 they claimed 29 hospitals were at risk - but the hospitals they had identified not only refuted their claims but criticised the Tories for scare-mongering.

In 2008 they claimed 1,700 GP surgeries would be closed - but their Health spokesman admitted in Parliament that concerns over GP practice closures were unjustified.

Today once again the Tories are scare-mongering on health. It is completely wrong to claim that we are funding any aspect of our care reform proposals by cutting people's benefits.

All the proposals we outlined in the Queen's speech are funded through efficiencies and reprioritisations in the Department of Health and in Local Government. Labour has categorically ruled out using Disability Living Allowance for under-65s and been absolutely clear that those currently receiving Attendance Allowance and those over-65receiving DLA would continue to receive an equivalent level of support and protection in any reformed system.

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