Friday, 13 November 2009

Labour tightens immigration system

In the current climate people need to know that the rules for immigration are fair.

That’s why Labour has brought in new rules for employers. They must prove they cannot fill a post with a resident worker before they bring someone from outside Europe.

Labour's Australian style Points Based System is reducing the overall numbers of migrants and making sure we attract only those people with the skills our economy needs.

Migrants must also support themselves, learn English, pay taxes and obey the law. Their progress towards citizenship will be slowed if they don’t play by these rules.

This week the Labour Government has announced that the immigration system will be tightened further. We're doing this because our top priority at the moment must
be to get people back into work as the economy recovers. People living here already shouldn't lose out to migrants, as that would be unfair.

So this week we announced that when the Migration Advisory Committee advises us of skills shortages our priority will be to train people already living in this country, and take some occupations off the list of jobs open to migrants.

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