Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fair deal for agency workers

David Williams has welcomed the Government’s commitment to legislate for a fairer deal for agency workers.

The announcement in today's Queen's Speech, that the Government will deliver for agency workers the right to the same terms and conditions of employment as permanently employed workers.

David Williams said, "I have long campaigned for this measure and I'm delighted that the Government has listened. This will not only benefit the agency workers themselves, but it will stop rogue employers from undercutting permanently employed workers by exploiting agency workers.

"Many people in Crewe and Nantwich have said to me that they are unhappy that wages, terms and conditions are being driven down by the use of agency workers. That is clearly unfair and the Government is addressing that unfairness.

"I am not opposed to the use of agency workers. Used correctly there are real advantages for employers and employees. Indeed my wife chooses to be an agency worker as a supply teacher. But it is wrong that they can suffer lower pay and employment rights."

Agency workers will be entitled to the same pay, holidays, overtime, breaks, rest periods, night work and duration of working time as permanent workers after 12 weeks.

David Williams warned, “Press reports indicate that the Tories plan to frustrate the Government’s programme of legislation. This legislation is supported by the trade unions and responsible employers alike. I hope they will give this measure their full support to end the exploitation of agency workers and the undercutting of permanently employed staff.”

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