Tuesday, 23 September 2008

David welcomes Browns' speeches

Today was Leader's Speech Day at Labour Party Conference in Manchester and most of the media were billing it as a make or break speech for Gordon brown. I think that reflects more the sensationalism of our modern media rather than a true reflection of the Party's view of the Prime Minister.

However, he needed to do well so that we can start to eat into the Tories poll lead and I think he was excellent. A speech that put us onto the front foot and pressure on Cameron.

I also liked the first Brown speech, by Sarah. I'm sure the killjoys will pan it, but it was different and helps to bring Gordon's real character out.

The three things that he did well was:

1. Pride in what we had achieved and demonstrated that he is the only person to get us out of the current economic difficulties, "It is no time for a novice".

2. Had a go at the Tories. He quoted Osbourne saying it’s “a function of financial markets” that people make “loads of money out of the misery of others”.

3. Showed that he is in touch with real peoples concerns and set out a whole host of policies for the future, demonstrating that we gave more to offer, "a new settlement for a new age".

Please click here for the text and video of Gordon Brown's speech.

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