Friday, 19 September 2008

Trade Unions for Labour

Tonight I was at the Annual General Meeting of National TULO (Trade Unions for Labour Organisation). This is a meeting of the General Secretaries and Political Officers of each trade union affiliated to the Labour Party.

It is traditional for the Leader of the Labour Party to attend this meeting and give us an annual report, tonight was no exception.

The Prime Minister gave an appraisal of the current economic situation. He demonstrated real concern and understanding for people's current worries and problems with the increases in fuel, energy and food prices. Gordon went on to say that he is dealing with the situation and has already moved to regulate the City, provide a support package for homeowners and deal with expensive pre-payment meters.

David said, "Around the table, the feeling was that the Prime Minister is the right person to deal with the current economic difficulties. They are global problems and Gordon is the only British politician who has the experience and proven track record to get the country through this.

“The meeting was very positive and supportive of the Prime Minister, who we want to get on with the job of defending peoples jobs, homes and incomes."

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