Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Win Back Wednesday 10 September

Just back from the first Win Back Wednesday and I was delighted to welcome Peter Wheeler, member of Labour's NEC to help out. Peter is keen to assist in as many key seats as possible in the run up to the election.

We were again collecting signatures on the petition to get a Town Council for Crewe. Nobody we spoke to was opposed to the campaign. Residents agreed that the Town needs its own council to ensure that we have a strong voice for Crewe in the new Cheshire East authority.

We were also talking to voters about supporting Labour and we received a good reception. People are still shocked that we lost the by-election and can't quite come to terms with the loss of a strong constituency MP like Gwyneth and the fact that we now have a Tory MP.

We are due to be out on Win Back Wednesday next week, venue to be confirmed.

Pictured: David and Peter collecting a signature from a resident in Greenway.

Please click here to visit Peter Wheeler’s blog.

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