Sunday, 28 March 2010


David Williams, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich, welcomes the Government funding for the Crewe Link Road and is urging Cheshire East Council to come up with its share to enable an early start to be made.

The Labour Government has given Crewe a huge boost by confirming £22m in funding towards the Crewe Green Link Road South. Cheshire East Council now has to develop full plans to connect the Weston Gate roundabout to the Shavington by-pass. A further £14m will be needed to complete the project.

David Williams said, “I welcome this boost to Crewe. This vital road link will open up land that could provide 7,000 to 8,000 jobs. I am amazed however that a Tory MP and a Tory Council are going cap-in-hand to the Government for funding. They must be hoping that Labour wins the election because there is no chance of a Tory Government backing this much-needed scheme. The Tories have already said that they will immediately put all projects under review and doubt if they will support any of Labour’s existing commitments.”

David continued, “Progress on this scheme is crucial for Crewe and Nantwich to take advantage of the recovery, yet the council has dithered and delayed, and the MP is now trying to score political points against the Department of Transport to cover-up his lack of action. Unbelievable! I want to see the council immediately stump-up its share of the costs so that work can start straightaway.”

David commented, “I have brought two Transport Secretaries to Crewe to get action on redeveloping the station and promoting the Crewe Gateway Project. On the first occasion we stopped the nonsensical move of the station to Basford and on the second occasion we secured new money to help revamp the station on its existing site. At every attempt to make progress I have been frustrated by a Tory Council and a Tory MP who couldn’t make up his mind on whether the station should be moved or not.”

David concluded, “I have always been very clear that the area is best served by having Crewe Station in Crewe. That might sound obvious, but there are those who do not understand that simple concept. I have always been clear that the best way for us to combat unemployment is by encouraging new employers to the Basford site, not by turning it into a shed-like station and a massive car park. If our elected politicians had shown similar clarity of thought, we would be in a much better position than we are now. Crewe and Nantwich has been let down by the Tories yet again.”

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