Sunday, 14 March 2010

John Prescott and David enjoying chips

David Williams, the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Crewe and Nantwich, and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott rounded off their day with chips at TJs on the corner of Nantwich Road and Gresty Road Crewe.

After a busy day, during which John Prescott officially opened the new Labour Party Campaign Office in Chantry Court and then walked round Crewe Town Centre with David Williams meeting and speaking with local shoppers, they nipped round to TJs Chippy on Nantwich Road for a quick snack and a chat with owner Jack.

David said, “TJs is well-known with Crewe Alex fans and I often pop in here either on the way to or coming back from a game. I can heartily recommend both their chips and their service. TJs therefore seemed an appropriate place to come for a bite to eat and a chat.”

John commented, “We’ve had a very good reception here in Crewe. I came down to support David and to win back Crewe and Nantwich for Labour, but he did promise me that we could get a good fish and chip supper here at TJs. People are realising that there is a very important election on, and that we should never have lost Crewe and Nantwich. It was our fault, not the people, but we are now correcting that and we will take it back for Labour.”

David concluded, “The By-election was a referendum on the Government at that particular time. We were getting some things wrong and we were told by the people of Crewe and Nantwich very clearly that we were getting some things wrong. We have learnt from that. The General election will about who you want to run the country. The Tories are falling far short of gaining the confidence of the people. Gordon Brown is showing himself to be an important Leader, one who is bring the country out of recession in the best shape to take advantage of the recovery. A Business man like Jack here at TJs needs a good recovery, and the best way to provide that is by voting Labour in the General Election.”

Thanks to Jules at Crewe Blog for the video interview yesterday.

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